Thursday, December 5, 2013

Water Treatments For Your Home

Water will never be one hundred percent clean and pure. It will always have some sort of contaminant in it. These contaminants can be from natural things all the way to the man-made chemicals and substances. The majority of the substances that you find in the water are not dangerous. Some of these substances are dangerous to you and your health and need to be taken out of the water. Water treatment systems for your home are important for many reasons.

When you install a water treatment system in your home, it completes a process for getting rid of the contaminants in your water. You can surely choose from a few different ways to clean your water. You have the easiest method of adding a filter to your faucet or the hardest methods whereas chemicals are added.

Before you decide to get farther into the types of water treatment methods for home use, you will need to think over a few simple steps that will provide you and your family with clean drinking water.

Before You Can Fix It, You Need To Know What Is Wrong

If you do not know what the real problem with the water is, you may need to spend more money than if you can get the correct system to begin with. When you know exactly what the things are that you want removed from your water, you can purchase a system specifically designed for that purpose.

To find out about any problems in your water, you will need to have it tested. If you are supplied water from a public or municipal system, you should be free from water problems and water treatment at home will not be necessary for you. State and federal regulations are in place for these water systems to be tested on a regular basis. Microbial pathogens, toxic chemicals, and radioactive elements are killed to make sure that the water is safe to use and to drink.

Other problems can occur with the water that are not necessarily bad for you but, can cause you to have hard water, stained sinks and clothing, nasty odors, nasty smells, acidity, and foam in the water.

Things will change if you get your water from a private well. You become responsible for treating and the testing of the water you use.

Methods To Use For Water Treatment In Your Home

Water treatment systems for the home zone in on the process of getting rid of the harmful substances in the water that comes out of your faucet so that you can drink and use it with no problems. Some of the substances in your water that can be harmful to you are nitrates, pesticides, coliform, arsenic, and lead.

To clean the water, there are some ways to use a treatment method at home. They include;

1. Filtration using activated carbon

2. Steam distillation of the water

3. Treatment by ultraviolet lighting

4. Chemicals to soften the water or the exchange of cation

5. Filtration using a neutralization method

6. Filtration using oxidation

7. Sedimentary or mechanical filtration

8. Osmosis in reverse or filtering by using membranes

Point of Entry and Point of Use Devices For Home Water Treatment

There are two categories of home water treatments. They are the point of entry system and the point of use system. The point of use system works for treating the water from only one faucet while the point of use system is used to treat the whole house and all the water flow devices.