Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System May Not Be What You Need

While talking to my friend, Diane, the other day our conversation turned to water purification systems. I asked her which one she used in her house, and she told me a reverse osmosis water treatment system. She said she rents it from a company, which I won't mention here by name.

I told her reverse osmosis water treatment systems alone will not remove all the dangerous chemicals from her water, such as chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and others.

I then told her our water company already used reverse osmosis on our water before piping it to us, so why would she want to spend her money on duplicating the process. She didn't know that little tidbit of information, so she said she'd have to go home and ask her husband why he chose that particular water purification method.

I'm sure she is not the only person who is not aware that a reverse osmosis water treatment system does not remove the harmful chemicals in our water supply. In order to remove these contaminates you need to use a granular activated carbon filter, a multi block media filter, and sub micron filter.

These three filters together with an ion exchange to remove the heavy metals from the water will provide you with the best water purification unit on the market today. Using these in combination will give you the protection you need from all the harmful contaminates lurking in our water supply.

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems were developed for use in the photo industry, because photo processing requires mineral free water to get a satisfactory end product. R.O. is a good choice if you are a photo processor, but for a home purification unit there are much better products that will give you pure, safe water to drink.

You will find some reverse osmosis systems that also use the granular carbon and sub micron filters along with reverse osmosis. These systems will do the job, but you will be paying more money than you need to if what you are trying to do is provide yourself and your family with clean healthy drinking water.

Not only will the initial cost of the units be more, but also the ongoing cost of electricity and water usage to run the system will cost more. If you are like my friend, Diane, who uses one of the many reverse osmosis water treatment systems on the market today, you might want to check out how many contaminates you are actually removing.

Hopefully you are like her and you are only renting a unit and you haven't spent the money on purchasing one. Check out other water purification units available. You can find them for under $100 for a counter top model that will provide you with fresh healthy water all day long.