Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Does Water Treatment Combat Water-Borne Diseases?

Every year millions of people die due to water-borne diseases. Such diseases are caused due to consumption of polluted or contaminated water, which in many parts of the world is contaminated with harmful pathogens, toxic chemicals, and other suspended particulates that make it unfit for drinking. But, then why do people consume such toxins? The answer is simple...often the scarcity of freshwater is the main reason why people tend to drink it from polluted sources.

There are ways of conditioning the water and make it fit for human consumption. A variety of equipment and devices are available for its treatment too. Such devices not just remove suspended solids but, also clean harmful pathogens and microorganisms that are mainly responsible for water-borne diseases.

Process applied for making it drinkable

There are various ways for it. Some of the processes are discussed in brief below:

Pre-chlorination - In this process of conditioning chemicals like chlorine is added. This is mainly done to disinfect, control tastes, aquatic growths, and foul odors. Addition of chlorine aids in coagulation and settling of impurities thereby provides you safe and drinkable water free from disease causing pathogens.

Aeration - It is done to remove dissolved iron and manganese by circulating air through the liquid by using devices like paddle-wheels, venture tube or diffusers. Sometimes, the liquid itself is passed through air for removing such impurities.

Coagulation - In this method various coagulant aids, known as polyelectrolyte are used for water treatment. These substances aids coagulation of the impurities and the waste materials is removed in the form of thick floc formations.

Sedimentation - This method is mainly utilized for the separation of solid sediments. It is a physical water treatment process that works on the principles of gravity. There are various devices available today for this process

Filtration - It is a conventional process of filtering out dirt and sediments. Filters are used for the process. There are different types of filters available in the market today - the one that would suit your requirement is determined by a specialist water treatment service provider only.

Desalination - It is the process of removing salt. There are various devices and chemicals for the process.
Disinfection - There are various chemical disinfectants available in the market today that can be used for killing the pathogens that are the main causes of water-borne diseases in humans and animals.

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