Thursday, November 7, 2013

Water Treatment Filters - Essential Information About How to Purify Drinking Water Effectively

People have become aware of health issues today. They are very health conscious and are ready to spend money and effort to ensure their family is perfectly safe.

This is the reason water treatment filters are gaining a lot of popularity today. Water from the tap is not safe anymore and people need to use filters to ensure the quality of the water is high.

There are three main water treatment filters in the market today.

Reverse Osmosis

One commonly used water treatment filter is the reverse osmosis system. This is very widely used and is very effective in removing any toxins from the water.

Purification is done using a very simple process. The water is first made to flow through a membrane. Then pressure is applied to reverse the process and force the water back through the membrane again. Reverse osmosis costs around twenty four to twenty six cents per gallon of pure water produced.

Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is very effective at removing harmful toxins and bacteria. It is still not the best due to one reason. It will also remove essential nutrients and minerals from the water along with the toxins and bacteria.

It does not remove any organic matter or synthetic chemicals. The Reverse osmosis process produces only a gallon of water per hour after wasting around two gallons of water.

Activated Carbon

Purifiers using the activated carbon filters are one of the most popular in the market today. This is because these water treatment filters are widely believed to be the best.

These filters absorb the toxins, bacteria and other harmful substances in the water. It is also a very affordable system that does not cost a lot.

This system is also extremely efficient in removing chemicals such as chlorine that inadvertently are found in your tap water because active carbon has an electro positive charge.

This system requires filter changes only occasionally helping you save even more money. This system costs only around ten cents per gallon of pure water produced. They can also produce thirty gallons of clean water in an hour with no wastage of water.

Charcoal Water Filter

Charcoal water treatment filters might also be used. There are three main types of charcoal filters. These include activated silver impregnated charcoal, the micron rating type and the carbon block.

These systems are very efficient in removing harmful chemicals by absorbing them with ease. These systems have been known to absorb chlorine, toxins such as pesticides, benzene and other chemicals easily.

Do your research carefully and keep all the different factors in mind before you go out and buy a water treatment filters. You will find many options but choose carefully and spend your money on the best one.