Saturday, January 4, 2014

How a Home Water Treatment System Removes Chemicals & Creates Delicious Drinking Water

Water softeners are bad for the environment because they add salt to the water system. Salt destroys plants and makes soil unlivable for plants for many, many years. Salt is extremely difficult and expensive to remove from water. Because of this, the state of California is trying to enact legislature to ban water softeners from being sold in California. Water is already scarce in California and the entire western seaboard is being forced to find ways to conserve and protect it's water supplies.

Salt softeners replace 'good' minerals like calcium with unhealthy mineral - sodium, for the purpose of eliminating "scale".

Water purification offers a non-salt and non-chemical alternative to ion exchange (known as water softening). It changes the "hard" minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water, to their bicarbonate forms. This makes the minerals unable to form the hard scale build-up in plumbing and around fixtures. The other benefit of changing minerals to bicarbonates is that those minerals, which are beneficial to health, become more absorbable by the human body.

New water treatment technology not only prevents scale build-up, but eliminates existing build-up, extending the operating life of the plumbing and fixtures in the home. This is another benefit absolutely unique to this technology.

Water softening is widely installed in California and because it does not add salt to the water - will not be prohibited in California.

The water treatment system point of entry is approved by the Water Quality Association.

Water purification has a long history, and can provide results, of water quality tests before and after installs. Water testing has been done by many independent organizations such as the National Testing Laboratories of Ypsilanti, MI. As a matter of fact, water treatment systems include a pre-installation test of the well water by the National Testing Laboratory. The well system is then custom designed for the home owner to solve the particular problems of their well.

The entire water treatment process is a 'point-of-entry' system, which means it is installed at the point where the water supply comes into the home. It is therefor able to treat all of the water in the home rather than just at one or two faucets. This creates purified water for everything - drinking, shower, laundry, and the yard.