Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Whole House Water Treatments Can Do For You

Does your shower water smell funny? Or does your tap water have a bad taste? If so, you could benefit from whole house water treatment. Poor municipal filtration processes as well as pollution can cause tainted H20 in your home.

The main culprits for bad tasting water are chlorine and chloramines. These substances are usually enlisted to kill bacterial contamination in drinking water. Water treatment equipment can help remove these and other contaminants such as copper and lead from water. Other things like calcium and magnesium can build up in your plumbing system. This can create water pipe blockages in your home and household appliances. However, you can rely on whole house water treatment to prevent such events from happening.

Overall, it has never been more important to protect yourself from harmful substances. Today, there are so many toxins out there, that you don't want to depend on "safe" purification from local agencies. All you have to do is read the headlines. The EPA indicates that over 2,100 cancer causing chemicals have been detected in U.S. water supplies. Furthermore, the National Academy of Sciences claims the "residues of 39 pesticides and their degradation products have been detected in the groundwater of 34 states."

So it's up to you to protect your home. But this can be challenging. Some water treatment equipment is sold separately for each faucet in your home. Getting a device for your shower head, bathroom sinks, and kitchen spout can be quite expensive.

There is a solution to this problem. You can get all-encompassing whole house water treatment that is much easier to install as well as cost-effective. Every little bit of savings helps when you own a home. To prevent using chlorinated and tainted water, get a top rated filtration unit. One that uses a four-stage process can support your entire home and families' needs. Such a product can reduce the maximum amount of contaminants in your home.

It has been reported by the EPA that there are elevated levels of chloroform gas in the air because of chlorinated water. It is a highly dangerous chemical and simply inhaling it can lead to respiratory difficulty. Whole house water treatment can provide better air quality in your home by removing the risk of this chloroform gas from entering the environment.

Most systems on the market come with everything you need to install them. A unit that has a multi stage process typically has all the filter parts and accessories. When you order water treatment equipment be sure you get an installation kit and the necessary hardware.

All of this will help you eliminate any problems you are having with your local water. Just keep up with any maintenance of your whole house water treatment device. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendation for replacing the filters, you can have a great unit for a long time.